Art Camp

The 2016 Fundamentals Art Camp

Date: Monday, June 27th through Thursday, June 30th                  
Time: 9:00am - 11:30am                                          
Location: Abundant Life Community Church       
Royalton Business Park                                            
10143 Royalton Road Suite N & O                            
North Royalton, Ohio  44133                                 
What To Bring
1. Your Email Confirmation (You will receive after registering on the link below). 
2. Smock or an old oversized shirt that can be used to paint in.
FOR THIS CAMP ONLY - You will need to purchase a few items from Pat Catan's in Strongsville.
You can go to the service desk and ask for the Abundant Life Community Church's Art Camp Supplies.
They have them already set aside for you to purchase and they are:
1 - Washable Poster Paint $2.47
1 - 1/2 inch Royal Stroke Brush $1.97
1 - Drawing Pencil 2H  $0.87
1 - Drawing Pencil HB $0.87
1 - Drawing Pencil 2B $0.87
1 - Pink Pearl Eraser $0.89 
These items will be available Monday, June 15th.
We will be supplying the other resources for the camp.
Sharpen all drawing pencils before you bring them to camp.
If you already own something similar, you do not have to purchase these items. Simply bring your own items, but label everything you bring. Also, put all of the items in a ziplock bag or other similar pouch in order to keep them together and please label the bag or pouch.
No Show Policy
If your child does not show up to camp and we do not receive a phone call, then we may call another child that evening and fill his/her spot with someone on the waiting list.
No Drop Offs - Sign-in Daily
For the safety and security of your child, we ask that you sign-in your child everyday at the registration table. Once your child is signed-in, you are allowed to leave. Please do NOT drop them off. Everyday we will be distributing important information. Registration opens 20 minutes before the camp begins. 
Family Day
At the end of each camp, we have an awards celebration. Family Day is intended for the children to share the camp experience with their family. On Thursday, June 30th, we will be having an Art Show at Abundant Life Community Church. At 6:30pm, the children's artwork will be available to view throughout the building. From 7:00 - 8:00pm, we will have a presentation and awards. The children will receive a certificate and a camp photo. There will be a camp report and a slide presentation from the camp....keep an eye open for your child.
The Art Camp is FULL. However, since the camp is FREE, there are cancellations. If you would like to be put on our STANDBY LIST, we will notify you when a spot becomes available. To register for our STANDBY LIST click HERE.